I: Investigating Irma and The Incredibles

I wanted to venture out to get some ice cream, but with weather permitting we’ve been hunkering down and prepping more for hurricane Irma. Lot’s of movies and snuggles on a Saturday afternoon! Mason learned more about the letter I on his ABC Mouse app, but other than that it was definitely about Disney’s The… Continue reading I: Investigating Irma and The Incredibles


F: French Toast and Farm Animals

Today’s F activities included French Toast for breakfast, The Flintstones movie, Farm animals on ABC Mouse, and Fried Food for dinner, ha! We’ve been a little limited on activity ideas this week because of Hurricane Irma prep. It’s been a little nuts around here. Publix and other grocery stores are busy, water is nowhere to… Continue reading F: French Toast and Farm Animals

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6 Months: Brinlee’s Cranial Evaluation

¬† Captured some adorable photos of our precious 6 month old last week. She is sitting up on her own, doing lots of tummy time, drooling and teething whenever possible, giggles at Mason and always when we tickle her. She reaches for her toes on a regular basis, loves nap time, and has grown to… Continue reading 6 Months: Brinlee’s Cranial Evaluation

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Today’s Check-In: February in Review

Well hello there! I have been so busy throughout the month of February that blogging had to be placed on the back burner. We’ve continued to visit Disney theme parks which has been a great break from studying for my Life & Health Insurance certification, but I would be lying if I didn’t say that… Continue reading Today’s Check-In: February in Review