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Race Recap: April 2017 – Blueberry 5k

My April race was the Blueberry U Run – U Pick 5k at Southern Hill Farms. This location covers over 120 acres of farm land; 20 acres are solely blueberry bushes…yum! It was such a fun atmosphere and beautiful views from each direction you looked. I arrived early to secure a close parking spot which… Continue reading Race Recap: April 2017 – Blueberry 5k

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24-Day Challenge: Round 2

Mark and I both completed the 24-Day Challenge last week and ended up losing over 10 pounds each! It was neat finishing up the challenge a second time just to compare my progress from the first round back in December 2016. When I started taking AdvoCare products; my second baby just turned 4 months old,… Continue reading 24-Day Challenge: Round 2


Race Recap: March 2017 – The Color Run

I have been meaning to post about my March 5k experience, but there has been so much chaos at my household that I’m lucky to find time now to get in the details about this awesome race. So here we go…The Color Run in a nutshell is pretty Fan-Flipping-Tastic!! When you walk onsite you get… Continue reading Race Recap: March 2017 – The Color Run


Race Recap: February 2017 – Gasparilla 5K

  The morning of February 25th was a BLAST!! The Tampa Bay Gasparilla Distance Classic is an annual road race with over 30,000 participates who join together for a weekend filled with fun and a variety of races to choose from. The races are typically during a weekend in February following the Gasparilla Pirate Festival… Continue reading Race Recap: February 2017 – Gasparilla 5K