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24-Day Challenge: Round 2

Mark and I both completed the 24-Day Challenge last week and ended up losing over 10 pounds each! It was neat finishing up the challenge a second time just to compare my progress from the first round back in December 2016. When I started taking AdvoCare products; my second baby just turned 4 months old,… Continue reading 24-Day Challenge: Round 2

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Today’s Check-In: So Many Updates

There are so many exciting things to announce and a don’t know where to begin, but I think the best is to recap what I accomplished this weekend. So…being an active AdvoCare Independent Distributor I decided to make the leap and attend AdvoNation. This seminar/educational/corporate event is where distributors from all over the country travel to… Continue reading Today’s Check-In: So Many Updates

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AdvoCare: 24-Day Challenge Cleanse Phase

I am currently on Day 11 of the AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge and just today I was able to zip up my pre-pregnancy jeans! There are only 10 days between these before & after photos and in that time I completed the ‘Cleanse Phase’ of the challenge. What took me a year to lose in my first… Continue reading AdvoCare: 24-Day Challenge Cleanse Phase