H: Happy Hurricane Haircut

We lucked out with a beautiful Friday afternoon. It might be a while until we see sunshine or get to swim in the pool so I made sure we got in some time for splashing. Mason had a blast while little sister was taking her nap, then the rest of the day we were watching some Harry Potter (his new favorite) and getting a new big boy haircut!

I accomplished a lot of hurricane prep and ended up bringing everything from the outside pool deck onto the back porch. This Hurricane Irma is likely to bring in a lot of wind so we’re doing everything we can to avoid creating any debris. We’ll be hunkering down and planning plenty of night time activities, especially since we will probably end up losing power. Time to bring out the glow sticks!

For anyone else dealing with a hurricane and need some extra advice, I came across this link from the American Red Cross to help prepare anyone in need. Prayers to everyone!

New Words from Mason: Hair, Harry Potter, Hot



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