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G: Graffiti and Goats

Too much fun focusing on the letter G today! First stop, Graffiti Junktion for a delicious lunch with the grandparents, then a visit to Nanna and G’Pa’s house to feed the goats. Why venture to a local farm when your own parents have over twenty goats in their back yard, ha!

Graffiti Junktion is an awesome local place that serves some of the yummiest food in town. My personal favorite is the Lone Star Burger with Tatter-Tots! I’ve also had their quesadillas, chicken wings and delicious Reuben sandwich. You really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu…plus there’s a full bar set in the middle with multiple flat screens surrounding the walls. I mean, if you’re looking for yummy food, a cold beer and a place to watch the game…look no further. It’s a fun place to visit with the kiddos too, especially when they have the bounce house set up outside.

After all the bellies were filled up it was off to visit some goats. My mom has been breeding goats for years now and they are the sweetest animals. Mason had so much fun walking around with them and reaching out to pet their coarse hair. He was so determined to feed them and continued to follow all of them around with a scoop of feed. Brinlee was just as mesmerized with everything going on and would whip her head around in order to not miss anything. I’m just over hear raising some country kiddos.

I grew up riding horses and surrounding myself with the good ole outdoors. It’s nice to see my kiddos are able to enjoy all of what being outside brings…especially when on a farm.

New word from Mason: Goat



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