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D: Dining with Dinosaurs at Disney Springs

Happy Labor Day and Happy Dino Day!

Today we celebrated by venturing off to Disney Springs to enjoy a yummy lunch at T-Rex Cafe. Obviously since we’re working on the alphabet, and today is letter D, what better way to learn than go on a prehistoric adventure. We had fun wandering around and getting caught in the meteor shower inside the restaurant. The kiddos kept entertained while we dined in too.

The entire restaurant is themed and animatronic dinosaurs are set throughout the building. T-Rex is standing right at the entrance and moves when the ‘meteor shower’ hits. While we were waiting in line to be seated the T-Rex started moving and closing in near us…Mason got a little scared, but more memorized than anything. Nothing really phased Brinlee, but I could tell she was holding onto me a little tighter than normal.

The food was delicious too! Both Mark and I got a cobb salad, then some mac ‘n cheese and waffle fries for the kiddos. Those waffle fries were super yum! I’m gonna totally go unhealthy next time I visit and get a burger just so I can get some more of those fries, ha!

After we finished lunch we went over to the store attached to the restaurant. Inside was a Build-A-Dino!! We’ve been wanting to take Mason to Build-A-Bear to get a plush dinosaur and then TA-DA! We couldn’t wait to see Mason and Brinlee’s reaction to the Build-A-Dino process.

Mason was so cute when he was picking out the right one. He ended up pointing to a blue dinosaur saying ‘blue’ so proudly, then cuddled with it once I placed it in his arms. When it was our turn to add stuffing to the dino he was a little hesitant with the lady at the machine, but warmed up to her when he realized she was taking good care of his dinosaur. So precious!

It was time to pick out a heart, but Mason wouldn’t give it to the lady since he wasn’t sure what was going on. He saw the lady place the heart inside…then he quickly went to grab another heart, this time placing it within his dino friend. She was so sweet and let us have two hearts. Mason giggled and couldn’t wait to hold good ole Bleu (blue dinosaur + the bleu cheese on our salads = a humorous name for a sweet boy’s toy).

We ended the day in the fossil digging area of the restaurant. We tend to stop by every time we visit Disney Springs. It’s a cute area for Mason to play without worrying if he’ll wander off. On our way home both kiddos fell asleep and Mason held on tight to Bleu.

New word from Mason: Dinosaur




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