C: Coloring with Chalk

Yesterday we had a bit of a home buddy day focused on cleaning, coloring and chalking up the drive way. I love doing the alphabet activities and I’ve already been noticing Mason adding more words to his vocabulary. Whenever he sees something he knows, he’ll point and say the word. He also has his top frequently used sayings. It’s been so much fun watching him grow into a little man.

Letter C Activities:

  • Color Sorting: We collected a bunch of pouch caps over time and decided to put them to good use. Mason enjoyed saying the colors when placing them into the bowls.
  • Chalk Drawing: Got creative on the driveway and the chalk board in the playroom.
  • Colorful Bath Time: The kids love bath bombs during bath time. There’s an assortment of colors to choose from at Basin.

Additional C activities and crafts to choose from:

  • Came across this website that had a lengthy list of fun activities, crafts and snacks to choose from.
  • Love searching through Pinterest for new ideas.

NEW words from Mason: Red, Yellow, Chalk





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