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A: Aquarium Adventure

Back in June I set up a curriculum for Mason where we focused on a letter each day. I noticed Mason’s vocabulary grew throughout the month and he started using new words every day. He learned to count to 10 with ease, sing the alphabet, as well as recognize colors and shapes. He’s also been enjoying educational apps on the iPad. He’s like a sponge soaking up all the knowledge. I decided it was time to start up another alphabet month and experience some new adventures. Since today is September 1st, we started off ‘A’ with an adventure to the Sea Life Aquarium in Orlando.

The aquarium has only been up and running for a little over two years now. I’ve heard great things about this attraction and thought it would be great to meet up with our cousins for a play date. It ended up being so much fun! I was also relieved that the kiddos were all so well behaved. We were outnumbered 3 to 2 so you can never predict the toddler outbursts. Luckily we had smiles all day and plenty of cousin bonding.

The layout of the aquarium was like walking along a pathway into different parts of the world. In each section you got to experience a variety of sea life and learn more about each creature on the touch screens placed throughout the exhibit. Mason, Brinlee and Evey were amazed at all the lighting and interactive displays. I especially enjoyed when we walked through the tunnel and got to watch sharks swim by, as well as stingrays, an eel, and other fish. The tunnel was not only a clear dome, but the floors were transparent to allow visitors to see through at the animals swimming by. Definitely my favorite.

Afterwards we grabbed a delicious lunch at Yard House. The Mac N Cheese was a hit with Brinlee and my fish tacos were so yummy! I’m adding this restaurant to my top ten favorites for sure…especially when they have over 130 different beers on tap…say what!!?

NEW words from Mason: French Fries and Sorry



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