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One Year Old: A Brinlee Update

I cannot believe our sweet baby girl is one year old! Both of our babies are growing up so fast and it has been such a blessing watching them grow together. Even though Mason tends to have his moments or want to play rough with his baby sister, he still finds time for those sweet gestures where he leans in to give Brinlee a kiss. He’s been such a good big brother. I’m happy he has finally outgrown the hitting phase…sheesh!

We took a journey to Magic Kingdom on Brinlee’s birthday and both kiddos lit up with excitement. We met a few princesses, rode some rides, ate some yummy food, and raced to the car before the afternoon showers rolled in. It was a perfect day to venture to the Disney parks because hardly anyone was there. School is back and us Florida residents are taking over. It was nice to see that the waiting time for rides were about 15 minutes versus the normal 90 minutes.

Sunday Funday was a continuation of Brinlee’s birthday. An official party! We had our family and friends shower her with love. It was very overcast most of the day, but that didn’t stop us from jumping in the pool and enjoying the blow up water slide. The theme was centered around a pool party and the fact that we had a float in the shape of a doughnut. Thus a massive doughnut smash cake for our sweetie!

Along with Brinlee turning one, I wanted to provide a much needed update on her cranial journey. As you might have already guessed, we decided not to pursue the helmet (cranial orthotic). After meeting with the doctors and determining everything would be cosmetic, insurance would not cover any costs. In order for insurance to step in for cost coverage of any kind, there would have needed to be a process to prove the helmet was medically necessary. The paper work and back & forth could’ve taken longer than anticipated and Brinlee needed to get in a helmet right away.

We continued tummy time even though by 6 months Brinlee was moving all around. She also rolled around more in her crib which helped relieve some of the pressure off the back of her head. She became a bit of a tummy sleeper and over time we noticed her head filling in all around. I was so happy knowing we didn’t have to use the helmet and even more excited that everything seemed to have corrected on its own. Her hair is longer to hide some of the flattening, but I can definitely tell a difference. Cue happy dance!







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