Race Recap: August 2017 – Cartoon 5k

This weekend’s 5k race was memorable. It wasn’t so much about my time, but the people I was lucky to meet. One gentleman in particular was a veteran who ran his 1000th 5k race. He’ll be celebrating his 80th birthday in a couple weeks…hashtag “goals”. I was waiting for the race to start when I noticed people approaching this man. I overheard someone say they saw his story up on the race’s Facebook Page. Curious enough I searched for the story and there it was. He was so nice and I approached him myself to congratulate him on his 1000th 5k race. During the race I waved in his direction to cheer him on. Afterwards I waited to watch him cross the finish line, then visited him right afterwards to get a photo. I hope he realizes how many people he inspires.

The race went smoothly with a couple hiccups, considering the fact that I think the announcer’s mic was broken so the start of the race was very abrupt. Usually there’s the National Anthem then a countdown, but not at this race. I was speaking with a lady about our running experience and then all of a sudden the horn blew. I was bummed because I didn’t have enough time to set up my MapMyRun App to track my pace. Luckily I still had my music…Phew!

My first mile was steady, but the second mile I might’ve burned more steam than I had planned. I felt myself wanting to walk and push harder at the same time. I was waiting to pass the 2 mile signage and confirm I had a little over a mile to go, but I never saw it (another bummer during the run). However, it did make the last part of the race go by faster.

When I crossed the finish line I was searching for the clock to get an estimate of my final time, but that was down too. Gotta love all that technical difficulty. I’m happy that the race hosts let us borrow a tracker to tie to our shoe laces and then our results are emailed before the end of the day. I kept refreshing my inbox to find out how I did. I was thrilled to find out that I beat my time from the previous race, but I’m still working on that 10 minute mile.

  • First Race: 31:46
  • Second Race: 32:30
  • Third Race: 32:08

My next race is September 9th! It will be the final race of the series…and as much as I’ve enjoyed these races, I’m definitely looking forward to a different location and path. Running the same race each month has been nice, but I guess I’m ready for something new. I’m planning for a night run in October, hoping I can find a good Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, then hopefully I can go out of my 2017 run challenge with a BANG…it might be time to sign up for a 10k in December!


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