Birthday Weekend: Born in the 80s

My husband planned the BEST surprise weekend for my 30th birthday!

On Thursday it started with my sister and brother-in-law surprising me from North Carolina! I had a feeling they were going to make the trip, but I was still unsure. I ended up pulling up my app tracker and saw as my sister was pulling into the drive-way. I know I cheated, but I couldn’t help myself, ha! I’m not the best person to handle surprises. I have to say though…my husband did a great job planning everything. That night, my sister ended up cooking an amazing dinner – shepherds pie! I’ll probably add it to one of my Tasty Tuesday posts soon.

Friday we all ventured to Disney Springs for what ended up being a hot and humid afternoon. Nonetheless an awesome time laughing and sipping on some cocktails. Walked around everywhere, bought a few goodies for the kiddos and ended the night at Planet Hollywood for a yummy burger…and an amazing brownie dessert! My parents both surprised me for the dinner celebration too! We had a great day and the kiddos even hung in there until the end.

Then Saturday arrived! I started my birthday off with a 5k run in the neighborhood with my sister. I had signed us up for a virtual race earlier in the year and this weekend we were able to run it together. It was perfect because Sunday was National Friendship Day, as well as Sister Day! The medals are cute too…she’s the macaroni to my cheese. It started getting super hot towards the end of our run…so once we finished we headed to the house and jumped immediately in the pool. We did awesome though…non stop at about an 11 min/mile.

It was getting closer to the beginning of Mark’s surprise extravaganza. I got all decked out in my 80s gear (which was my sister’s idea), and we were out the door by 11am. First stop…lunch at my favorite local sushi restaurant! It was just the four of us dressed up for the day. At this point I was sneaking around corners to see if anyone would pop out with a surprise, but there was no one…yet. We ate up the sushi (which was DELICIOUS) and off to World of Beer for a quick drink. Mark was sneaking in some secret calls and I noticed we were in the process of killing time.

Then the next stop. They wanted me to keep my eyes closed, but I knew where we were the moment we drove over the speed bump. We arrived at Graffiti Junktion (local restaurant and bar)…as I walked through the doors I heard a loud SURPRISE! My closest friends were lined up and I began to cry when I realized a dear friend of mine from Middle School was in town to celebrate!! She lives in Ohio and seeing her was such a wonderful moment!

I made my rounds hugging everyone and even saw my parents there with the kiddos. I was excited to be there with this group and picked up Mason for a few hugs as well. I had no clue what Mark had planned for the rest of the day, but nothing prepared me for what was next. We mingled a bit, everyone sang Happy Birthday, took our lemon drop shot, then we all gathered outside! Then not a few seconds passed and down the hill comes a PARTY BUS!

We had an amazing time laughing, dancing and a bit more drinking on the bus. We stopped at Crooked Can in Winter Garden for some local brewery time, hung out at the Eye of Orlando for a tequila shot and bull riding at Cowgirls Rockbar, yummy food at The Yard, then back on the bus for some more fun filled memories on our way back to Graffiti Junktion. This was an amazing group to party with and so many good times to look back on.

I cannot believe I am lucky enough to have some of the most amazing friends and family in my life. Every moment spent with each one of them just keeps getting better and better. I’m officially 30 and we brought in this year with a BANG!








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