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Foodie Review: A Visit to Atlanta

This past weekend was such a fun mini vacation to Atlanta. Not only did we get to visit with family, but Mark and I experienced some of the best food in town! Atlanta is known for the nightlife, music industry and sports…but the southern cooking and mom & pop restaurants are a big part of why I love this city. We didn’t even make a dent in the range of delicious restaurants, but we sure did enjoy everywhere we went. Here’s a few stops that you’ll need to visit while in Atlanta!

  • SweetWater Brewery: Not a beer drinker? The atmosphere alone is probably a big reason why the young business professionals and college students flock to this location. The first time Mark and I ventured here was on our second wedding anniversary and there was a line out the door…it was January. Sometimes there’s live music and food trucks, brewery tours occur daily and a $12 entry fee offers 6 large beer servings in your own branded glass. Be sure to have a DD or Uber on call!
  • Agavero Cantina: This Mexican restaurant had some of the best chunky guacamole! I loved the bar/open concept/outdoor seating of the restaurant too. There was live music and yummy margaritas. The vibe of the place was groovy and you could smell the lime in the air. I ordered fish tacos that were yum and Mark had the fajitas…double yum!
  • Brick Stone Pub: One of the best burgers I’ve had! This pub ambience transports you to viking times or a realistic version of the Game of Thrones (without all the ruffians and brutality). The beer & drink menu was a large book on its own and the pub food listed some good stuff. Also, Decatur is such a cute town and reminds me a lot of downtown Athens, GA.
  • Three Taverns Brewery: Another neat brewery with delicious brews to choose from. Compared to SweetWater, this location has a more hipster/low key vibe…but it definitely gets busy. The beer has more hop and the drinking glasses you get upon entry are so fun (we were sad to throw them out since we attended a soccer game soon after this visit). Just another excuse to visit again!
  • Proof and Provisions: Envision a fun, hip, brick wall, busy, downtown atmosphere. It’s a restaurant/bar attached to The Georgian Terrace Hotel and has some amazing food! The Smoked Chicken Wings were by far THE best wings I’ve ever had…I’d go back to Atlanta just to order those and drive back. The Deviled Eggs were A-MAZ-ING and Smoked Jerky was so YUM! It was the perfect stop after the soccer game and before heading home for the night.
  • Fox Bros BBQ: While Mark and I were binge watching the first season of Game of Thrones, we also researched some of the best BBQ places in town. This yummy place was a 20 minute drive and definitely proved its popularity since there was a line going out the door. We were lucky to get seated outside right away because from then on people were gathered in the parking lot to wait. The main downfall was the parking, but there are other options down the street. We ordered some starters: smoked wings (could not compete with the ones from Proof and Provisions), the empanada was stuffed with brisket and mac n cheese…yes please!, and the brisket sandwich was pretty good too…the only thing was the pieces were a bit fatty for my liking, but all in all good. But dat mac n cheese doe! YAS!
  • Jeni’s Ice Cream: So during the trip I was craving up some ice cream in a waffle cone…thus finding this SPLENDID ice cream shop! I wish there was one in Florida, but I’ll just need to order some pints to hold myself over, ha! The location we visited is so cute. It’s in an industrial area near the train tracks at Decatur Square. Mark ordered Milkiest Chocolate and Espresso. I on the other hand got Salted Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flecks on the top and Brown Butter Almond Brittle at the bottom!! OMG…these flavors are beyond AMAZING! The one with Almond Brittle is one of their best sellers and the Peanut Butter was delish! And the waffle cone! Take me back! We lucked out too because Mark and I got there around 5pm, but once we were leaving there was a line out the door.
  • Fellini’s Pizza: So initially Mark and I wanted to try a different pizza joint (another excuse to go back), but Fellini’s didn’t disappoint. We ended up creating our own large pizza and it was YUM! The toppings were fresh, the cheese was chewy with just enough NY style grease and the crust has a perfect crunch to it.

It’s so nice to treat yourself once in a while and venture into a city to eat all the foods. YAS!







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