Race Recap: July 2017 – Rock’n the USA 5k

I have completed two out of the four races for the Clermont 5k series. So far I finished the first race at 31:46 and crossed over the finish line for the second race at 32:30. A little disappointed that I didn’t beat my time, but super proud that I accomplished my time after not training for three weeks straight. So if losing to my best time at 44 seconds is wrong…then I’ll just be dusting a little dirt off my shoulder and get back at it. Nothing like a good challenge against myself.

I’ve been keeping up with my workouts and running for the most part, but I’m still hesitant to claim I’d be able to maintain a 10 min/mile at this point. It doesn’t help that I’m running inside my smoldering garage in the heat of the summer and every afternoon there’s a rain storm. I think it might be time to bring the treadmill inside and start really getting myself to that 10 minute mile. GOALS!

The third race is coming up next weekend. This weekend I’ll be celebrating my 30th birthday…so there will need to be a lot of hydration occurring this week and next week so that I’m ready for my race on August 12th, hehe! My hopes are to beat that 31:46…then I can REALLY celebrate turning 30…WOOP WOOP!!


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