Race Recap: June 2017 – Egyptian 5k

Well hello there from the Mommie who needs to blog more often, but realizes she gets a little overwhelmed with her other obligations…thus placing blogging on the back-burner and sharing a way late post of my June 3 race! In all fairness it took over a week until I received my medal. I was given a temporary finishers medal at the end of my race, but luckily King Tut arrived and it was worth the wait!

This is the first time I signed up for this particular 5k series and I really enjoyed the run. It was on a pavement trail where the sun rose over the lake, I passed by a local crew boathouse, the atmosphere was fun, and I BEAT MY TIME!! I finished this race below 32 minutes (31:46 to be exact)!! I definitely need to be more aware of my speed at the starting line since I burnt out in the first mile (running 9:30/mile), but finishing at 10:14/mile made me dance with excitement!

However, my next race is in less than a week and I haven’t ran but two times since this race. I know I’m not going to beat this time or even match the same time, but I am pretty confident that after training up this week I can complete without stopping for a rest. At least I can build up for my August race and really push through for a 10min mile! Fingers crossed!


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