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Sunday Funday at Epcot



A few months ago Mark had this idea to make 8:30am reservations for brunch at the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall inside Disney’s Epcot theme park. The main reason was so we could arrive in the park prior to its main hours of operation and beat the crowd to the Frozen ride. This ride is not only hard to sign up for through Fast Pass, but typically has over an hour long wait! So since our brunch was already located in Norway, it was easily accessible to the Frozen ride.

This is where I have to admit that we ended up paying $45 per adult to make it in line to ride a child’s ride…I have become that mother, ha!

The funny part of the story is exactly at 9:05am people had sprinted from the entrance to begin creating a line for this ride! We’re sitting at our table stuffing our faces with yummy food, then we made the decision that I would take Mason on the ride while Mark waits for us at the table.

Mason and I squished through the crowd and cut in line where I thought was most appropriate to then find out it would be a 45 minute wait, ha! So much for paying for brunch to make it to the ride early, but we made it this far and couldn’t back out. I do have to say the line moved along nicely which was a huge relief for me with an antsy toddler on my hands. He behaved as well as you would expect a mobile and silly toddler to act in a long line at a theme park…but luckily no tantrums!

The ride had surpassed my expectations and Mason enjoyed himself through all the rapids. It was a boat ride that took place outside of Arendelle and had all the Frozen characters saying hello. It was definitely worth the hassle to see such an adorable smile on my kiddo’s face.

So…the funnier part of the story…was that after we had fun on the ride, made a mess on the floor around our table, ate my weight in seared salmon (delicious!)…Mark realized he had in fact signed us up for a Frozen ride Fast Pass for that day! I really wanted Mark to be able to experience it and since this was the last day before our annual pass black out days, we decided to kill some time…until 3:30pm!!

We saw Baymax, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald. We checked out the aquarium and ate some dessert in Paris. The kiddos even went down for a nice nap in their strollers. We arrived back in Norway to find that there was no line at all…but in fact the ride was closed for maintenance. It could or could not be opening back up that day, but we had the option of going to Guest Services and getting it taking care of.

Oh the looks on our faces after we found out we were hanging out at the theme park just to go back and find the ride was closed, ha! This could only happen to us…but I feel bad for those from out of town making the visit to the park only for that ride…bummer. The good news is Guest Services is awesome and allowed us to have a Fast Pass for the ride to be used on any day or time while our annual passes were active.

Hands up in praise at this moment and we were headed back to the car with two tired babies. I don’t think we got 5 minutes on the road and both of them were back into a peaceful sleep. It was a wonderful Sunday Funday indeed!







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