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Race Recap: May 2017 – The Super Run

Back in March, my sister and her family came into town and we had a magical weekend at Disney. One night my sis and I were able to get in a long run around the neighborhood for our virtual race. So…when I got to visit them two weeks ago I got to collect my bling! It’s such a fun medal because my sis and I each have the other half to the heart…YAY!!

We also got to complete The Super Run 5k that took place Saturday, May 20th at McAlpine Creek Regional Park! This race was so much fun since I got to complete it with my sister, but there were two steep hills that I didn’t expect. We were able to complete the race without walking, but those hills caused us both to second guess if we could continue the race without stopping. Luckily we kept pushing each other through it. After all, we were Wonder Woman and had to use our super powers…the power to ignore burning muscles and exhausted lungs, ha!

I expected the race to be larger too…I think there were only a couple hundred people who showed up with their capes on. But I do have to say…I was impressed with some of those who came fully decked out in their super hero costumes. Everyone was in good spirits and excited to get their medal.

I played music from my phone the entire race so we both could hear it, but it seemed like every new song was a slow one. I’m gonna need to revamp my playlist for sure…or tune into my Pandora. Especially since I have my next 5k race tomorrow! However, with all the hills and lame music, my sister and I had our best 5k race time ever…32 minutes!!! I’ve been able to cut off 3 minutes since my last race…Happy Dance!!

In conclusion…this was such a fun visit up to North Carolina to spend time with my sister and family! We had our movie nights, game nights, shopping moments, and AMAZING food!! I’m just gonna place the picture below to look back on how well I ate during my stay. I would literally take a photo of my meals and send it to my husband with a ‘ha ha you so jealous’ emoji, hehe!


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