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24-Day Challenge: Round 2

Mark and I both completed the 24-Day Challenge last week and ended up losing over 10 pounds each! It was neat finishing up the challenge a second time just to compare my progress from the first round back in December 2016. When I started taking AdvoCare products; my second baby just turned 4 months old, I had already lost about 14 pounds on my own, but I still felt like I needed additional help to lose more weight and reach bigger goals.

I was 186.2 when I started my first round of the 24-Day Challenge and finished weighing in at 174! In between challenges I had lost 10 more pounds, but then plateaued due to my diet getting off track. So in my before photo (seen above) I weighed in at 165 and now I currently weigh below 154! My body seems to be happy in the 150s and I feel so much healthier too. I haven’t been in the 150s since a few months before my wedding day which was over 7 years ago (yea I went through the happiness weight gain during dating years with my husband and then marriage). So I can proudly say I have reached my initial goal and feel so comfortable in my skin!

It is recommended to wait 90 days in between challenges or any cleanse to allow your body to acclimate. That’s why I waited until April to start the second round. Definitely keeps you motivated in between since you look forward to the next challenge start date. I also completed my second Diet Bet while completing the challenge too! It’s a fun way to keep you on track during the process.

First Round vs Second Round:

  • First round did more circuit training vs. Took two weeks off since I was sick, but ran twice a week
  • Both times I kept dinners low carb which was very helpful
  • Added Catalyst and Carb Ease supplements in Round 2

So now what…what are my next goals:

  • Continue with my running and monthly 5k races
  • Planning to start my half marathon training in August
  • Train for a bikini competition
  • Continue to maintain this awesome healthy lifestyle

What keeps me motivated:

  • My family
  • Fitting into my clothes
  • Scheduling more goals to keep me focused

Favorite AdvoCare products:

  • Spark – It has completely replaced my coffee intake which was mostly filled with lots of creamer.
  • Probiotics – Helps keep me regular and feeling less bloated.
  • Catalyst – Sometimes while trying to lose weight your body feeds off your muscle for additional energy, but this product helps your body maintain muscle mass.

Cheers to staying healthy and reaching for your goals!



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