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Brinlee’s First Beach Trip

*This post contains affiliate links, which means that I may receive commission if you decide to purchase. I only recommend products & brands that I use and love myself, so I know you will love them too.

It’s not a successful beach day without getting sand in the eye, sunburned faces and swimming in chilly water. Luckily it was a beautiful day nonetheless and a perfect day for Brinlee’s first time to the beach. She did great!

We dressed her up in this adorable outfit from some great friends of ours, as well as a light jacket. Since it’s springtime the breeze was cool under the shade, but perfect for being out in the sun. Mason spent most of his time down by the ocean and in the waves with his daddy-o. Probably the source of why his face got so red by the end of the day.

Siesta Key beach is one of the best beaches to visit…but you definitely need to get there early to secure a parking spot. We had a slow start to the morning since Mark and I didn’t sleep great, but we timed it right when some guys were leaving…WOO HOO!!

This past weekend we drove down to Ft. Myers to visit Mark’s parents. Saturday we met up with them for lunch, then spent the afternoon at Jumping Jacks! It’s similar to Monkey Joes, but had additional play areas besides the bounce houses. We also visited Bass Pro Shop to check out the aquarium, as well as see the Easter Bunny briefly.

That night we watched Disney’s Moana and enjoyed Mason’s sweet dance moves. This was our first night with Mason outside of his crib or a pack-n-play…the result was a late night with Mason and an early morning, ha! It was also Brinlee’s first night away from her crib. She did as I expected in the pack-n-play and ended up waking a couple times in the night.

It didn’t help that my cold decided to return with a vengeance the same night. Try coughing quietly in the bedroom while your toddler is sleeping on the floor cot. So I ended up camping out on the couch. Thank goodness my in-laws have a comfy couch, yay!

We are so glad Mason and Brinlee enjoyed their visit and cannot wait for other fun trips to the beach!

*Mason’s swimsuit is from Gymboree! Be sure to check out all their fun beach and poolside outfits for the kiddos!



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