Race Recap: March 2017 – The Color Run

I have been meaning to post about my March 5k experience, but there has been so much chaos at my household that I’m lucky to find time now to get in the details about this awesome race. So here we go…The Color Run in a nutshell is pretty Fan-Flipping-Tastic!! When you walk onsite you get this immediate boost of energy because of the atmosphere. There’s a live DJ, pre-workout hosted by Zumba trainers, fun pop-up photo ops throughout the site, and just overall fun people at this event.

Mark was suppose to run with me, but he ended up getting a cold so he was on daddy-duty. However, even though I was alone I was still taking in the surroundings and getting pumped for the race. I even bought some gear after I crossed the finish line! The Color Run merchandise is so fun and I think I might need to order one of the hats!

The parking situation was a bit of a bummer, but it all worked out. Just a heads up…BRING CASH! I meant to grab cash I had sitting on my table before I left for the race, but nope…I decided to bring a debit card. Which by the way…you can’t get money from an ATM…with a debit card. Yea…I didn’t think any of it through. Luckily the local 7-11 gas station across the street allowed me to park there. It was a little bit of a walk, but I didn’t care at that point. I was just happy I had a spot to park at and made it to the starting line with plenty of time to spare.

So as everyone was lining up at the starting line I was getting prepped and plugged in my tunes. Since Mark wasn’t there I figured I would get serious about my pace. I was with the first wave of people and made sure my first mile was decent, but not too fast. The fun part (for me) is to choose people to pass during the race. I kept my target until I would pass them, then set up for my next one, ha! I ended up completing the race without walking, past all my targets, as well as finished the race below 30 MINUTES!!

Trust me…I needed to double check my finish time too. Since the race goes through large fields I figured I probably cut the corners just right to cut time off…plus my tracker said it was .3 miles off…but still I was super pumped with my pace. I think I kept it around 10:20/mile.

The obstacles on the race were fun too! The color stations were what I was most excited about, but I didn’t wear the best gear to get the full effect of the color. It’s best to wear cotton and white…so what do I do? I wear dry-fit and colors, ha! It was my first rodeo, but I’ll know better for next time. OH YES…I would totally do this race again. However, they also have a bubble station near the finish line and while I was fixated on not slipping (which there was no way that would happen since you’re running on pavement) I breathed in a huge bubble which caught me completely off guard. Note to self: do not breath when passing through the obstacle/stations.

I was planning to stay for the grand finale where everyone throws their colored power in the air, but I would’ve had to wait a while for everyone to cross the finish line and I wanted to get home to my babies. Plus we had a birthday to attend that afternoon.

The Color Run – Important Take-Aways:

  • BRING CASH for parking.
  • WEAR COTTON and WHITE to really get the full effect of the color.
  • DON’T BREATH when passing through the color and bubble stations.
  • Make your TARGETS and go for it!
  • HAVE FUN! Can’t wait to do this race again!




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