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6 Months: Brinlee’s Cranial Evaluation


Captured some adorable photos of our precious 6 month old last week. She is sitting up on her own, doing lots of tummy time, drooling and teething whenever possible, giggles at Mason and always when we tickle her. She reaches for her toes on a regular basis, loves nap time, and has grown to enjoy bath time…especially when Mason splashes around.

So throughout Brinlee’s development we have noticed flattening on the backside of her head. Coming from a company that specialized in cranial remolding orthotics, I knew exactly what was going on. Since babies skulls are so moldable, it’s important to have your child do lots of tummy time. This prevents misshaping of your child’s head, as well as assists with strengthening the upper body. Here’s a previous post about the importance of Tummy Time.

Our pediatrician recommended us getting a cranial evaluation for Brinlee. This will give us a better idea of where she falls in head shape and whether or not she’s in need of a helmet. I had a good idea of what the verdict would be and I was right…Brinlee has a moderate case of Brachycephaly. Good news and Bad news…good news is Brachycephaly is a little easier to manage in the sense that her head is symmetrical rather than shifting to one side of her head. There are no issues with her development, so getting a helmet would be considered more cosmetic and it would be up to us (the parents) on whether or not we want to move forward with treatment.

The bad news is that Brinlee basically needs a helmet. According to her cephalic ratio, she falls into a higher percentage than the norm. Her flattening is noticeble, but we’re still debating on if we want to pursure a helmet. We are currently waiting for insurance approval and to see how much this could cost. Of course when it comes to your own children money is of no importance, but this particular orthotic ranges in over $2,000 so it would be nice if insurance covered a good portion of the cost.

We’re leaning more towards treatment at home and consistent tummy time, but our baby girl is a sleeper and lays on her back more than half of the day (naps and bedtime). The helmet/orthosis would help correct shape while she sleeps so her head shape would be corrected quicker than if we were to do it all on our own. We’re weighing out the pros and cons, as well as all options.

I’ll be sure to add in more updates as they come along. Here’s a few photos from her first visit this past Friday…with some awesome brotherly support:






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