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Disney Weekend with Family

My sister, nieces and brother-in-law came into town over a week ago for a fun filled Disney weekend! And let me tell you…we went all out and got to see so much of what each park has to offer!! It was so much fun having them in town and making some fun memories together.

First stop: Epcot

Final Stop: Magic Kingdom

We were at Epcot for thirteen hours on Saturday (March 4) and it was so much fun!! Literally got to see so much of the park until our heads started to spin, ha! We lucked out with some beautiful weather…just enough chill in the air and plenty of sun to give each of us a little sunburn the next day. We got to ride most of the rides, walked around all the countries, enjoyed the beautiful character topiaries throughout the park (Flower and Garden Festival), as well as lots of yummy food. We made a reservation at the Japanese hibachi restaurant for lunch and it was just as good as imagined. Both the kiddos napped during this time too!

One of the best moments was staying for the fireworks. Mason LOVES fireworks and was mesmerized throughout the entire pyrotechnics show. My sister held Brinlee while the fireworks went off and she was completely unfazed. She just gazed up at the sparkles in the sky with her adorable eyes. We walked back to our cars realizing we arrived when the park opened and were leaving at closing time. Successful first day indeed!

Sunday was another beautiful day filled with lots of activities at Magic Kingdom. Supposedly John Stamos was roaming around the same day we were there too…Uncle Jesse! We began the day with the Little Mermaid ride and it was adorable! I’ve never been on this one before…if it’s one of your child’s favorite movies you’ll need to check it out. We then took turns on Space Mountain and I have come to accept that I can no longer handle roller coasters. My equilibrium is just not the same as it was ten years ago, ha!

We hung out at Fantasyland a little longer with the Tea Cups, Winnie the Pooh and a ride around the carousel. Mason loves riding on the horses and my niece’s favorite animal is a horse so this was fun for Mark and I to enjoy with both kiddos. They enjoyed themselves then it was off to the shops to purchase my youngest niece a princess dress. She put it on immediately and looked too cute for words.

Next stop was Frontierland for some snacks and food, then right next door is Adventureland…and we went on Pirates of the Caribbean!! Ok…so this was one of my favorites when I was a kiddo and I was hoping it wasn’t going to be too scary for the little ones, but everyone ended up doing great. Mason even got a kick out of the dip at the beginning of the ride. He was pointing and saying wow when we would pass by each scene. YAY!!

Then we couldn’t end the day without a Mickey ice cream, then a visit to the Haunted Mansion. Another favorite of mine and I got to go with my oldest niece and sister! It was just as I remembered, but the ride stopped a couple times while we were inside and that kind of made the ride less dramatic…especially since it was my niece’s first time on. Will continue to still be one of my favorites.


  1. ALWAYS sign up for FAST PASS: I will never venture to a park without Fast Passes from here on out. What could end up being an hour or more wait will only be a 5 to 10 minute wait! HOLLA!
  2. ALWAYS wear SUNSCREEN: Even if it’s overcast or chilly outside or you’re wearing long sleeves. There should always be application to the back of the neck, arms and face.
  3. BRING SNACKS and WATER BOTTLES: Before getting our annual passes I thought no outside food or drinks were allowed, but I realized we were good to go when I walked through with an Egg McMuffin and bottled water. A kids gotta eat.
  4. WEAR COMFY SHOES: There will be more walking you accumulate in your natural life by walking around these parks. You’re gonna want a comfy, non-new, worn in, sturdy pair of shoes. Right Sissy! Ha!
  5. BRING small purse or WRISTLET: Most rides allow you to carry on your belongings or have pouches inside of the rides, but factor in your baby stroller and you know you’re leaving all that crap outside. So I usually have a wristlet with all my essentials.





2 thoughts on “Disney Weekend with Family

    1. I thought the same thing (they won’t remember), but our toddler lights up every time we go. At his first visit we got to meet Mickey and it was a hard moment to top after that. ๐Ÿ™‚ Kiddos under the age of three get in for free and I HIGHLY recommend getting fast passes if ya’ll decided to visit!

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