Race Recap: January 2017 – Lady Track Shack 5k









I have officially kicked off my 2017 Run Challenge this morning with a great race! The Lady Track Shack 5k is an annual run just for women! It helps spread awareness for mammograms and annual breast augmentations. There were almost 3,000 attendees/women and lots of laughter I could hear at the start line.

It was very cold this morning so I ended up wearing my race shirt with long sleeves and an additional jacket. This was also the first race I ran with my runners pack and I liked not having to worry about where my car keys were. There was one point in the race where it was wiggling, but not enough to lose focus.

I loved the race layout. It was mainly on brick roads, but there was one point we passed by a small lake and the sun was rising up. So pretty! I wish I would’ve looked around more, but I think I was so focused on maintaining my steady pace and finishing without walking…and I DID IT! I ran the full 5k race without walking or stopping for any reason. I can gladly say that when I crossed the finish line and placed the medal around my neck…I had a ‘very proud of myself’ moment!

The moment I sprinted through the finish line was such a high and I might’ve thought about crying, but more than that I wanted to jump up and down…and eat something, ha! Luckily there were tables filled with strawberries and bananas and granola bars…oh my! I grabbed my medal, a water bottle, a cute plant all finishers received, a cup of strawberries, and a banana. I found a nice tree to plop down by and just took in my surroundings. I loved hearing the race announcer shout out names as the ladies crossed the finish line.

I could definitely get used to doing this!

So…now my goals are to improve my speed and ramp up for my next race in February! Mark will be running with me next time so I need to get him training. The goal would be to finish nonstop, but maybe an interval might work since it’ll be his first race in a while.

I’m so excited! I’ll just be over here bundled up with some warm tea on cloud nine!

*According to my MapMyRun App – my split pace was a little below 11 minutes. My overall goal one day will be to have a 10 min/mile. The day that happens I might have to pinch myself!


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