Today’s Check-In: A Weekly Update











Been missing out on some of my blogging lately due to a few reasons, but the main one is busy busy busy, ha! During the day it’s phone calls for work, AdvoCare, as well as studying for my insurance license…WOO HOO! Then at night I’m continuing my Bikini Body Mommy workouts and going for my run after the kiddos go to sleep.

We’ve been keeping ourselves pretty busy since having Disney annual passes too, but it was seriously the best purchase we’ve ever made! Mark even mentioned over the weekend that we might need to get them again for next year! It’s nice to come and go to any park whenever we feel like it. Every weekend this month we’ve been to a Disney park! It’s so much fun spending magical days with the kiddos and watching their faces light up.

FRIDAY, JAN 20: So my busy schedule started on Friday when I met up with a friend for a play date at Magic Kingdom! She has two kiddos and then I have my kiddos, so it was definitely a test of numbers…being out-numbered that is. Luckily she informed me all about Fast Pass at Disney and how it allows us to not wait as long for rides. This was AWESOME because there were moments when Mason was getting restless, so a 5 minute wait was amazing compared to the 35 minute wait in the normal line. We set up the passes through our annual pass/wristbands and just scanned then we were in line. Literally felt like just a few minutes and on the ride we go. I’ll never go to a park without Fast Pass now. Also, I was pretty proud of myself going to Magic Kingdom by myself with Mason and Brinlee. It helps that they are both pretty well-behaved too…score!

SAT, JAN 21: I got up at 6am to meet a friend for a morning run. This was my first run off the treadmill and it was definitely eye opening. It’s a lot harder pounding the pavement vs. the treadmill. However, I was so happy to run with this girl because she pushed me through the entire workout. I felt like we were going a faster speed than I was used to, but the interval helped break it up. It was one minute on and one minute off for a full 3.1 miles. I was so proud of myself and happy to have met up with a friend who could push my endurance.

After the run I went straight home to get ready because in two hours I was off to pick up my mom and go see Wicked! It was my second time seeing the play, but the first time for my mom. My dad got us tickets for Christmas and it turned into a lovely mother-daughter date…with the exception of downtown traffic, but that’s just expected. I highly recommend anyone to go see Wicked who has not yet had the chance. It’s endearing and funny and exciting and all the feels.

SUN, JAN 22: I was up early again, but this time Mark and I were off to Disney’s Animal Kingdom! It was suppose to be a rainy day, but turned into a pretty afternoon with some overcast…and A LOT of wind. First thing on the schedule was the safari ride. Mason was giggling the whole time since it was such a bumpy ride. We also got to see a bunch of different animals at every turn. A definite must see…thank goodness for Fast Pass yet again. Afterwards we ventured along a neat trail to see gorillas and other animals. Such amazing creatures wherever we looked.

We got to go on a few other rides and the Finding Nemo show, then it was back to the car. We did a lot from 9am to 2pm, but the day flew by…literally. The wind was crazy and that night we got a few tornado warnings. All was good though!

Monday was a normal day studying my first chapter for my insurance certification, then I made some calls for regular work, then my evening workout. Tuesday another study/work day, but I ended up running around the neighborhood at night. I had my flashlight, music blaring and my iPhone app to track my mileage. I ended up running…a full 5k…without stopping!! I was seriously SO happy and couldn’t believe it. I kept a good pace and I’m hoping I can do the same at this weekend’s 5k race!

Last night was fun too! I got to meet up with some ladies for a fun social gathering…aka Book Club! My friend got me involved in this group and I’m excited for our monthly get-togethers. Such a fun group of women…and who doesn’t like books, drinks and food. Sign me up indeed!

Also, Brinlee turned 5 months old yesterday!! She is drooling like crazy, rolling everywhere and giggling up a storm. She is such a happy baby and enjoys her nap times. I’m pretty sure our baby girl is going through a growth spurt because that girl can sleep, hehe!

Ya’ll have a blessed day and I’ll be sure to jump back on here for more updates. YAY!



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