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Today’s Check-In: So Many Updates

There are so many exciting things to announce and a don’t know where to begin, but I think the best is to recap what I accomplished this weekend. So…being an active AdvoCare Independent Distributor I decided to make the leap and attend AdvoNation. Thisย seminar/educational/corporate event is where distributors from all over the country travel to cities within the U.S. to connect with other team members or other crosslines, learn about new products and usage, get better familiar with sales methods, as well as hear inspiring stories from other distributors who have produced a successful business.

The closest event to me was in Atlanta, so I packed up and left Friday afternoon. This was the first time in my entire life I drove by myself out of state…and it was so worth it. It was a quick trip and I hope to plan better for next time, but I arrived in Atlanta before 10pm and I got to crash at my cousin’s house for the night. I am so grateful for our family and appreciate them opening up their home to me. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do or where I was going to stay so last minute. Life savers!

The day of the event I met up with another Advisor within my team and we bonded immediately. It was nice going to an event with hundreds of people and having someone to lean on. What I found so refreshing when looking around the large room was all different walks of life. You could assume a company like AdvoCare only hosts athletes to sell their products, but I realized that everyone has their individual story and AdvoCare has had some sort of positive impact on them…or else they would not have been at this event.

I took in all the information from AdvoNation and stayed at the event until 4pm which seemed like a good time to sneak out since I needed to get back on the road (six hour drive). But I had my eyes opened, I was inspired, I am currently motivated, and all I can do is put in the work. And putting in the work can account for anything…losing weight, building a successful business, being a great mom and wife, as well as a great role model. I have this fire in me since having kids and I just want to do good for them. I want them to see me as all the above.

So…that was just the beginning of my weekend.

I made great timing during my road trip and got home around 10pm last night. I was so excited to be home, but I also couldn’t stop talking because I had a bunch of ideas rolling out of my head about AdvoCare. And bottom line, it’s not about making money or selling products; it’s the opportunity to reach out and offer help to people. That is what’s so exciting for me. Especially since I’m on my own journey too.

I actually weighed myself this morning and I couldn’t contain my excitement. I weighed in at the beginning of my Diet Bet and I am currently 4.8 pounds lighter! I’ve been eating whatever foods I want, but also watching my portions or taking the bun off a sandwich. And I’ve also been building up my endurance on the treadmill since I’m preparing for a bunch of races this year. I haven’t been in the 160s in YEARS!! I seriously need to pop champagne or something, ha!

Then, to end this fabulous weekend, Mark and I brought Mason and Brinlee over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios this afternoon. We didn’t plan it out very well and got caught in a large crowd, but I would still consider it a successful day. Mason was happy, Brinlee was happy and we survived…BOOM! We were able to watch multiple Star Wars shows in the middle of the park which was pretty cool, we got to walk around and see some new upcoming attractions and ended up watching a show that had Mason dancing in lots of circles. That kid…I’m telling you…he’s got some rhythm!

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