Today’s Check-In: Diet Bet and Current Workout





Monday launched Day One of a Diet Bet game I signed up for. It’s my first time joining something like this and I am excited for the motivation to lose more weight. The object of the game is to lose 4% of your current body weight and if you do, you win back your $35 entry fee plus you split the pot with everyone else who won. The game I have entered has a pot value of over $117,000!! The host is also raffling off a variety of prizes to everyone who has entered!!

I completedย AdvoCare’s 24-Day Challenge in December and ended up losing 14 pounds within that month…since it’s not recommended to do back to back challenges I needed something to keep me motivated to reach my long term goals. Thank goodness I came across Diet Bet! I’m so ready to kick it into gear!

Since the start date I haven’t made the best food choices, but I have been watching my servings and kicking it up a notch during my workouts. I am continuing to follow Bikini Body Mommy’s Challenge 1.0 and today marks Day 45!! I’m half way through my 90 day challenge!! This is my second time going through this challenge. The first time I was unable to finish due to some health issues prior to my second pregnancy.

Today I finished my BBM workout in the afternoon while the kiddos were asleep. It was a short workout, but I got in a great sweat. I love this challenge and look forward to completing a few more of them because the workouts are so convenient and I can plan ahead. This evening I also added in another run on the treadmill. I bumped up my pace and wanted to see how my endurance was with maintaining a faster speed. I did ok…better than I thought I would do. Also, ended with a nice ab workout!

Now it’s midnight and I’m in need of a shower…and sleep.

*Photos: Drank me a yummy Caramel Macchiato Meal Replacement Shake, then took my MNS vitamins today!




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