Anniversary Weekend





Mark and I have been married for seven years officially on this upcoming Monday, but we’ve been celebrating since last night. Once the kiddos were down for bed we popped some popcorn, cracked open a bottle of wine and watched a movie. It’s so much fun looking back on the night we met, then the time we were dating, the day he proposed, as well as building our lives together! When people ask me who my best friend is…there is no question that Mark is the one.

Today we had a nice afternoon date and went to see Assassins Creed at our nearby theater. Not a romantic movie by any means, but definitely an exciting one. I was super happy about the popcorn and peanut M&Ms too! Afterwards we grabbed a bite at our favorite sushi restaurant and devoured two rolls each. I seriously think I could eat sushi all day err-day, ha!

So looking back on everything…I can vaguely remember the night I met Mark. Not because it was ten years ago, but because I was drinking Captain before he walked in the door. No matter…gave me some courage and I approached him by saying, “You wanna be my beer pong partner!?” Not hello my name is Stephanie…I just went right to the important stuff. He later told me that he saw me right away and thought I was pretty. I must’ve thought he was a cutie or I wouldn’t have asked him to be my partner. Some flirting went on and then the room spun. Day two was much better…commence the in depth conversations, hehe!

He asked me so many questions to get to know me and I thought he was so sweet. I was in Tampa visiting a friend for the local Gasperilla Parade…kind of like Marde Gras and lots and lots of beaded necklaces. Mark kept catching beads for me and we spent the entire day together. From there…we started a long distance relationship until he moved closer to me…and the rest is history.

I cannot believe that from that first night we met, then shared five years of marriage together…we had two amazing blessings enter our lives. This anniversary is so much more special than the others because in a sense our family is complete. We both have accomplished a lot individually, as well as together, but being a parent has made our hearts so full.

Tomorrow we will continue celebrating our anniversary by bringing both Mason and Brinlee to the most magical place on earth…Disney World!! A cold front is coming in so we’ll be extra bundled for tomorrow, but we definitely wanted to share this time with our kiddos. Especially since we bought annual passes for Mason’s birthday!!

So here’s to our ten years, seven years of marriage and growing old together for many years to come!

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