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What’s Your Mission for 2017?


2016 was a wonderful year. Half the time I was pregnant and the other half we’ve gotten to enjoy our baby girl Brinlee. She is just as sweet as we had imagined and Mason loves her so much. With all the memories we made last year, it’s nice to look back with a smile and not wish the year away. With that being said…I am so excited for 2017!

This year might just be my best year yet and I am thrilled to go through each day with the amount of excitement I have right now. There’s a lot of nervousness, but excitement definitely outshines my nerves.

I’m a mom on many missions, but I have a lot of motivation this year keeping me focused on my goals. Not only am I running in a 5k or 10k race each month and building up my AdvoCare business, but I am also turning 30 in August! It’s see ya later 20s and HELLO 30s! I’m so ready to celebrate that milestone.

I have two healthy and happy babies, Mark and I will be celebrating our 7th year anniversary this month, I’ll be continuing to build up my blog as well as my business, and most of all I hope to be at my fitness goal by the time August comes around. I want to motivate my family and friends, I want to push my body to its limits, I want to prove to myself and others that I can surpass the goals I have set out for this year.

This is the year I reach goals and maintain them. This is the year we make more plans with family and friends. This is the year I hope to worry less about finances. I’m putting everything into God’s hands and will do all that I can on my end.

Here are a few of my 2017 goals:

  • Attend church more often and read passages out of the Bible daily
  • Finish at least one book a month
  • Run in a race each month (5k or 10k)
  • Reach my fitness goal by my 30th birthday
  • Make more weekend plans with family and friends
  • Stay organized and keep up with house chores
  • Motivate others to reach their fitness goals

God Bless and Happy New Year!

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