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Nieces in Town for the New Year





2016 has been an awesome year for so many reasons and one of the biggest is having seen my nieces multiple times throughout the year. Since they live up in North Carolina we try to plan out trips for them to stay and visit for at least a week or so. Our traditions include game nights, staying up late catching up on gossip, sushi and a movie, as well as a trip to the mall and the infamous picture taken by the Starbucks.


They are seriously growing up too fast and I wish they lived closer, but it definitely makes the visits with them that much more special. And when I say growing up too fast…basically I have to keep reminding myself that they are only sophomores in high school. They know so much more than I did at that age and it cracks me up hearing them talk about everything. Had lots of laughable moments during this visit and great memories to look back on.

I love that they were both here to count down to the New Year with us. They’ve been here since Tuesday and we had so much fun, but nothing could top New Year’s Eve when we took the girls to Top Golf. That place is one of my favorite places to hang out at. I’m not a golfer, but the atmosphere alone is awesome. There were plenty of missed attempts to hit the ball or a golf ball going in the wrong direction, but the food, the laughter and the drive there and back made it all worth the trip…especially with those two goof balls.

They head back to North Carolina tomorrow and I can’t wait to see them again in the summer. These two…they’re kind of a big deal.

Thank you for the giggles girls! Love ya’ll to the moon and back!

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