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Our 2016 Christmas














This was the first Christmas in two years that no one was sick or recovering from surgery! Mason was only 9 days old for his first Christmas and then last year he was getting over a bad case of RSV (basically a really bad cold). It was so nice to just sit back and enjoy watching Mason and Brinlee’s smiling faces. We were also able to make it to candle light service and it was just as beautiful as I remember.

Christmas Eve was spent with Mark’s family during the day and watching Mason giggle uncontrollably. He loved spending time with his aunt and uncle. My in-laws rented out a condo near by and we visited for lunch, as well as some football watching. Mason was chasing his uncle all over and Brinlee was her sweet relaxed self. We got ready at the condo and went off to our next celebration…candle light service.

Mason and Brinlee were so well behaved throughout the entire service. Mason was playing with a few toys at my feet while Brinlee slept the whole time…however they were both awake and admired the candles filling the sanctuary. I’ve been going to this candle light service since I was a kiddo and now our babes get to enjoy it as well. Such a wonderful tradition that we will continue for years to come.

After candle light my parents, grandfather, kiddos, hubby and I gobbled up a yummy dinner at Carrabas. Another tradition we’ve started since I began dating Mark. I’m pretty sure it was Mark’s first Christmas Eve with us and he chose the place for dinner and since then we’ve tried to go every year…with the exception of Mason’s first Christmas and last year. We were impressed as Mason devoured a plate full of pasta.

We read a couple Christmas books before putting the kids to bed, then it was clean up time and anticipation for Santa’s arrival. Then morning came and the house filled with the smell of bacon. Mason got up and we walked him over to the tree. He was fascinated, but quickly took our hands and lead us over to the couch. That kid is so routine, so we watched a bit of TV while he drank his milk, then my parents and grandfather arrived.

We enjoyed breakfast and opened presents until the afternoon. It’s so nice to begin our own family tradition. It reminds me of my Christmas mornings spent with my parents and grandparents. So nice to have everyone together. We then opened gifts with Mark’s family in the evening and watched Mason’s excitement with each gift. It’s so much fun viewing Christmas day through the eyes of your little ones.

Mark and I will treasure this Christmas, as well as so many others in the future. It doesn’t matter if I get any gifts at all…but just being together with family and watching Mason and Brinlee’s excitement will be why this holiday is so special.

God Bless! And I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Holiday season as well!


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