24-Day Challenge: Before and After


I seem to constantly get this feeling of anxiety every time I post a before and after photo. It’s not about being judged or what people might say, but it’s a mixture of shame and nervousness. Obviously I just had a baby a couple months ago so I understand I have a ways to go before getting back into shape, but part of the problem in gaining most of my weight in the first place was my fault. I didn’t take care of myself through my 20s, but now that I’m a mom I have so much determination.

My nervousness comes from not wanting to disappoint anyone…especially myself. After the 24-Day Challenge I see how well I can accomplish these goals and have set up high expectations for the rest of my journey. I know I have to be realistic and most importantly I need to be patient. I’ll be sure to celebrate each milestone as they come, as well as focusing on my ultimate goal…becoming a better version of myself.

There’s no turning back at this point and I am all in. That’s why I signed up for the 24-Day Challenge in the first place. I felt like I needed something to get me back on track and keep me going. I look at my before and after photos and it’s crazy to see where I was, where I am now and all the work I still need to do. However, right now…I’ve never been more motivated to get back to a healthier me.

When I signed up for the 24-Day Challenge I didn’t know what to expect, but what I did know is I just invested a good amount of money into hoping to lose some weight. During the process I noticed I had more energy throughout the day and overall felt great. I also realized that I have more willpower and mental strength than I give myself credit for.

I was never a supplement taker either. I just ate whatever I wanted and did cardio hoping that could help move things along. I started strength training more and eating wiser before my second pregnancy, but still that didn’t seem like enough. AdvoCare has helped introduce healthy supplements into my daily routine that keep me energized, feeling less bloated and just overall awesome.

My favorite supplements so far; are definitely Spark, probiotics and the meal replacement shakes! Spark has given me the energy I needed without the jitters from previous caffeinated drinks. The probiotics help keep me regular and I feel less bloated. The meal replacement shakes are awesome because they are a great meal to grab on the go and have helped me with a few cravings! I mix a chocolate MRS with water, heat it in the microwave and ta-da…I nice warm cup of hot cocoa with less sugar and more nutrients.

I am definitely a believe in AdvoCare products and cannot wait to see where this path will take me. Please do not hesitate to send me an email or comment with any questions in regards to the 24-Day Challenge, other supplements or anything else.

*BTW…it’s 11pm and I’m about to go for a treadmill run. Gotta get in the cardio! Night Night!


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