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Last Day of My 24-Day Challenge


It’s Day 24…I DID IT!!

My goal for this challenge was to fit into my pre-preggo jeans and get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. Not only did I fit into my jeans, but it happened just within the first ten days! Also, I reached my pre-preggo weight!! I started this challenge at 186. 4 and I am now 174! I have many more goals ahead of me, but for now I’m going to celebrate this milestone!

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my before and after photos to compare where I started to where I am now. Also, here’s a few tips I followed during AdvoCare’s 24-Day Challenge:

  • Took all supplements offered within the 24-Day Challenge
  • Followed the daily food options (with the exception of a few bites of cake last week for some birthday celebrations)
  • Kept my nutrition low-carb
  • Minimized cheese/dairy intake
  • Tried some alternative options to help with some sugar cravings (Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake heated up tastes just like hot cocoa! Perfect for this time of year!)
  • Lots and Lots of WATER
  • I exercised six days a week: Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 1.0

Feel free to reach out and ask me any questions about my experience or if you are interested in purchasing the challenge for the NEW YEAR!!

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