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Mason’s 2nd Birthday











We had so much fun up in North Carolina and not only did we get to celebrate my niece’s sixteenth birthday, but Mason turned TWO!! Mason is spunky in every way, tests our patience on most occasions, loves his baby sister so much, and proves to be the most loving and sweet little boy ever. There are moments when he hits us for no reason and his tantrums are quite powerful nearing nap time, but nine times out of ten he cuddles and is the happiest little thing.

Celebrating his birthday in North Carolina was perfect. The best part was seeing him play with his cousins. I hope Mason and Emma grow up to be just as close as they were during this trip. Emma kept asking to sit next to Mason or asked where he was by saying, ‘Where’s my cousin?’ So cute! They got along so well and definitely had fun at all the birthday stops.

First stop was to fill up the tummies at Flying Biscuit! Mason ate a good amount of pancakes and biscuits, then he was crawling under the table. He was lucky it was his birthday. Then we were off to this awesome place called Monkey Joe’s! These locations are neat indoor activity places filled with bounce houses of different sizes! We looked it up and there are multiple locations all around the country! Mark has already mentioned wanting to bring Mason to one near us for a weekend of bouncing extravaganza. Anything to see our baby boy giggle as much as he did. Note to self: bring lotion to tame the amount of electricity and static found in Mason’s hair, ha!

Mason and Emma bounced and ran around until they crashed. I think we were there for about two hours and in that time Mason’s cranky self appeared. It was at that moment we knew we needed to get back for a good nap. They were both out for three hours and it was off to the next and final stop…the Disney Store!

We were lucky it was Friday because we ended up missing a lot of the Christmas shopping crowd. We bought Mason a Woody figurine for his birthday, as well as a couple other Toy Story goodies to store away for Christmas…the big one includes Buzz Lightyear! Cannot wait for him to open all his other gifts!

I cannot believe our baby boy is a year older…AND I cannot believe this weekend is Christmas!

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