Visiting Family in North Carolina






















Just got back last night from our road trip…and what a great visit it was! Brinlee got to experience her first trip out of state, we got to celebrate our niece’s sixteenth birthday and Mason was able to enjoy his second birthday with his cousins! It was such an awesome, sweet and cold vacation in North Carolina!

The plan was to head to North Carolina Wednesday morning around four, but Mark woke up before 3am and decided to get a jump start on our road trip. I so did NOT want to get up, but so glad we did because we got three hours of driving out of the way before the sun came up.

Our first stop was Chick-Fil-A in Savannah which allowed us to get out and stretch a bit. This meant Mason collecting all the leaves on the ground and Brinlee getting in her much needed bottle of formula. We noticed a tiny chill in the air in Georgia, but couldn’t wait for the cooler weather that laid ahead in North Carolina.

I drove the rest of the way to let Mark get some shut eye and we finally arrived before two in the afternoon! Since my nieces were still in school Mark and I decided to take the kiddos to visit my brother. The cemetery he’s at is beautiful. You almost feel like you’re deep in the forest which is perfect since my brother enjoyed hunting. Mason was running all over the place picking up sticks and Brinlee was bundled up since it was about 30-something degrees outside. I’m so glad we were able to stop by…I try to visit my brother every time I go up.

We arrived at my sister’s house before my niece got home from school and waited until she drove up. She had no clue about us being in town for her birthday and when she saw us it was the best moment that Mark got to catch on camera, yay! She jumped out of the car and ran into my arms. I was so happy to surprise her and couldn’t wait to be here when she turned sixteen!

My youngest niece and Mason played together so well and enjoyed each others company. Mason was a bit of a hellion during this trip, but for the moments he was great it was very nice, ha! When I say hellion we’re talking broke one of my sister’s Christmas ornaments, got so worked up at one point he threw up everywhere, multiple tantrums from being tired and just not acting like himself. It must’ve been since he was out of his normal routine, but I’ll find some other excuses to add, ha! It was just crazy at times. Welcome to raising a toddler.

Thursday was my niece’s birthday and she got home early from school. We had ourselves a girls day out and both nieces, my sister and I went out to lunch for some sushi, then got our nails done. Beforehand Mark and my brother-in-law took Mason and my other niece to a nearby park to run around. I wish we lived closer so these girl days could be a regular weekend routine and Mark could have some ‘bromance’ with Nick, ha! In the meantime I’ll enjoy these moments, especially since we got to go out to dinner for Hannah’s birthday and eat a couple bites of red velvet cake!

Then, Mason’s birthday was Friday! Two years have passed by so quickly and we cannot get over how much joy Mason has brought into our lives. We had so much fun celebrating and decided to grab some brunch at Flying Biscuit, play around at Monkey Joe’s, then after my youngest niece and Mason had their afternoon nap we headed over to the Disney Store! He had so much fun and was taking in everything. LOVED getting him Woody from Toy Story! It is currently his favorite toy along with his plush Goofy.

We got home yesterday around 6pm and back to Florida’s 80 degree weather. Ordered some Jersey Mike’s for dinner since my sister introduced us to the salad bowl and the AMAZING oil & vinegar dressing, then unpacked the car. I was also able to get in my workout and crashed in bed by 11pm. I miss them all already, but excited to see them again…soon!




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