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Shamu and the Penguins




















We’ve had our SeaWorld annual passes for a year now and in that time we have visited the park on five separate occasions. Each visit we ventured to a different section of the park and of corse bought a cute plush animal as a memorable takeaway from the trip. Today’s visit was just as fun as the others, but we decided to only bring Mason along while my parents watched Brinlee.

I’ve probably mentioned before that Mason LOVES the movie ‘Happy Feet’. Our SeaWorld park has created a new area for the penguins, as well as adding a ride to the exhibit. Before this new area was developed it was just a space you walked in (there was never a line) and watched the penguins behind glass. Now they created a whole ‘Arctic’ experience, with a bit of a wait in line, but so worth it. There are no glass barriers between you and the penguins!

We wanted to make sure Mason was able to experience the penguins before our tickets expired, and since there are no strollers allowed, leaving Brinlee with my folks seemed like the best plan. When we’ve attempted to visit the penguins before it was either too long of a wait or Brinlee was sound asleep in the stroller, ha! Funny thing is Mason was on his last level of energy today…so the penguin visit didn’t last as long as I thought it would.

Before that we had to wait in line for 20 minutes which seemed like forever with a toddler at his breaking point. The tantrum was bound to happen. I need to stop building up things in my head that end up not going according to plan. It’s like spending fifty dollars on a Christmas gift and all your kid wants to do is play with the tissue paper. But I guess that’s part of being a parent…wanting to re-live your childhood and hoping your kid has the same reaction…wrong-o, ha!

Luckily we were able to visit the dolphin nursery (my favorite) and watch the Shamu show once we arrived at the park. It was definitely a nice day to enjoy with Mason. Just seeing him smile most of the day will always outweigh the moments when he gets cranky. It was also nice that he got in a really good nap on the way home. Score!

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