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Santa…I’m a Big Fan!





So today we ventured out this afternoon for a fun family outing. We met up with some friends for lunch and I had this AMAZING mahi & shrimp dish from BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse…seriously the best meal I’ve had in a while and I MUST figure out how to re-create it! Taste buds did the happy dance!

Mark and I then headed over to Santa’s workshop at Bass Pro Shop. Just like last year we ended up waiting in line for a little less than an hour and Santa was waiting happily for us with open arms. Little did he know that we had a sweet 3 month old that just woke up from a nap and an almost two year who had NO nap today. We were seconds away from sitting on the big man’s lap until Mason decided that it would be a great opportunity to have a tantrum.

We’re talking legs not working, sitting on the floor, limbs flailing around when you picked him up, and serious tears. Santa got himself a taste of the love, as well as a nice poke in the eye. Good thing that gentleman was a good sport. He was pretending to cry in the photo…I think, ha! *No Santa’s were harmed in the making of these photos.

Once we were done taking pictures and capturing some memories to look back on, we ended up picking up a few things for the kiddos that Santa would even approve of. And just like that…it’s 4:30pm, almost dark outside and Mason passes out in the car ride home. Not only does my son get ‘hangry’ but also ‘slumpy’…sleepy and grumpy. Did I just make that up? You’re Welcome!

Recap of last year’s Santa photos


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