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‘This Kid’ is Almost Four Months Old








On Christmas day this little princess will be four months old! It’s funny because it feels like she’s been here all along, but also feels like she just arrived, ha! I have no sense of time anymore, but all I know is it goes by so fast.

Brinlee is such a talkative little thing. She coos and chats it up with her mommy all the time…hope she has some fun gossip for me later on. She is such a happy baby and giggles all the time. I love tickling her and making her cackle…best sound ever! She’s been sleeping through the night since she was two months old…Amen! However, tonight we are transitioning her to the crib and hopefully she sleeps well…fingers crossed.

So…today has just been really chill with the kids. Plus a little chilly outside…hence the socks and moccasin combo, ha! We went outside for a little, but Mason wanted to watch Dory…I think he’s addicted to that movie. I don’t complain though because I really like it too. But now that Mason is napping I’m listening to Christmas music and getting more in the holiday spirit. It was just the other night I finally put the wreath up and placed some lights on our front porch. Now if I can only find some time to wrap presents.

Luckily we don’t have to worry about gift wrapping Brinlee’s adorable Freshly Picked moccasins! Seriously these shoes are fabulous and so sweet. I actually won them (and two other pairs) in a giveaway on Instagram! They are always doing amazing giveaways and discounts. LOVE THEM!! Plus the pair she’s been wearing are holographic…woop woop! The collection I won, Freshly Picked collaborated with Ayesha Curry! You got to check them out!

Also, be sure to check out This Kid Clothing! Brinlee is rocking their black onesie which is perfect for today’s chilly weather. The quality is great and they have some amazing items currently in clearance! Plus…40% off and FREE SHIPPING with code: OMG. YAY!!

Hope everyone else is enjoying their Friday! Have a blessed weekend!

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