What is AdvoCare?







When you hear the name AdvoCare you should immediately associate it with health and fitness, but this company is so much more than nutritional supplements. AdvoCare has been around since 1993 specializing in health and wellness, weight management, vibrant energy and sports performance, but it is also known for its business opportunities.

I first heard about AdvoCare through a friend who started talking to me about Spark. I had no clue what she was referring to and really never felt the need to look more into it. Later I found out she became a distributor and was making extra money on the side.

Fast forward a couple years and a friend introduced me to a blogger who shared her fitness journey. I was motivated by her story and also learned she got into AdvoCare to help with her long distance runs, then she went on to compete in a fitness competition using additional products.

I am currently working a part-time job and attempting to begin my weight loss journey again, so what better way to accomplish a few goals than to become an AdvoCare Independent Distributor myself! So far it’s been exciting and I have gotten to know a couple of people on my team…and they are awesome!

AdvoCare products are solely sold through Independent Distributors. I was skeptical about getting into this business, but what motivated me was the flexibility with it all. I can continue my part-time job and build my business on my own time. Of corse the more I put in, the more I get out, but so far I am enjoying the process.

I’m also starting my first 24-Day Challenge TOMORROW!! I’ll be sharing my story and journey along the way. I know I might be crazy starting during the holiday season, but why wait until January 1st to start improving my health? I want to start NOW and motivate others to do the same.

CLICK HERE to get more information about AdvoCare products.

CLICK HERE to get more information about the FOUR ways to get involved.

CLICK HERE to start shopping for products.

And…you can always contact me HERE for more questions.

*Wish me Luck!




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