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Black Friday Shopping










While Mark and his dad were outside working on a project, Mark’s mom helped watch the kiddos so I could sneak out for some Christmas shopping! I feel like it was a semi-successful day, but the big surprise was missing all the crowds. There’s a local outdoor mall about thirty minutes from us and it seemed like a typical day you’d see over the weekend…not the normal pandemonium you would catch on a Black Friday. We were very relieved!

I picked up my mom and we were off to Target. Christmas music playing in the background and the sun was extra shimmery. It’s been a while since my mom and I got out to do some fun things together. We normally just see each other when she comes over to watch the babes and I get some things done for work. Alas, a nice mother-daughter day!

We got some toys for the kiddos, gifts for the nieces, other fun gifts for my hubby, as well as some good ole diapers, formula and food packets. Lord have mercy on our credit card because I did not expect the total when I got to the check out line. So in essence…Black Friday is just for specialty items, not for those wanting to buy out the whole store…sheesh! Thank goodness my mom paid for lunch, ha!

If you’re looking to buy some goodies for you and your baby…definitely head over to This Kid Clothing! Their Black Friday deal includes 35% off your entire purchase and free shipping worldwide when you use the coupon code: TKBF. Offers are good through the end of Monday so be sure to get your orders in!

Happy Holiday Shopping!



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