Saturday Afternoon Visit














Today was so much fun! We got to catch up with some close friends of ours and see a bunch of renovations they’ve been working on at their house. This couple was there the same night Mark and I met which was almost ten years ago! They were there from the beginning and were also in our wedding party.

They live on five acres and Mason enjoyed every bit of that. He was running all over and collecting his favorite leaves per usual. When they moved to this location there were a couple upgrades to do to the house, but the biggest obstacle was digging up their entire backyard. Their property is made up of wetlands and even has a beautiful creek in the way back. They dug up the marshy areas, re-sod most of their land, created pathways to the barn, re-purposed the barn into a man cave with a built in bar, created a porch off the barn, re-did the entire exterior of the barn, upgraded the large gazebo near their house, and I’m sure many more projects I haven’t even mentioned.

We keep telling them they need their own HGTV show because they have a talent for flipping houses. Since knowing them, they have flipped three houses already. Chip and Joanna Gaines would be very impressed!

Our goal during this visit was to watch the USF football game, but it didn’t start until 7pm. Daylight savings time plus Mason’s bedtime collided and we knew staying to watch the game was no longer an option. However, the time spent with them was more than enough since we always enjoy their company no matter what we end up doing. Watching the sunset, having a nice cold beer, eating a delicious meal and seeing some of our best friends play with our kiddos was definitely a perfect visit indeed.

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