Friday Favorite: Run 5k App



I would like to officially introduce you all to the Run 5k App!

I’ve mentioned it here and there, but I wanted to sing its praises and write up about my current experience. In the past I have always referred to this app when I needed to reboot my exercise routine, especially when needing to build up my endurance. It was a great tool when I got back into running after Mason was born and today marks Week 6, Day 3 of my running routine since having Brinlee. I can definitely tell my endurance has improved!

The Run 5k App is an 8 week interval training program. Each workout increases the amount of time you run versus walking…up until the final day when you run 30 minutes non-stop. Tonight I ran 20 minutes non-stop and it felt amazing! It’s nice to be able to listen to your music through the app as well. Don’t know what I would do without my music.

The App also includes some warm-ups and stretching options before & after your run. I typically walk for the 5 minute warm up, as well as for cool down then do some stretching after everything is complete. You can also update your settings to have the app set cues throughout your workout. I have the computer female voice tell me when to run, when I’m half way and when I have one minute left. Once I hear that I have one minute left I kick it into gear and usually try to sprint those last few seconds.

It’s been very rewarding seeing where I was six weeks ago up to now. I’m getting ready for next year and all the races I’ll be participating in. This App has definitely made me feel more confident in the goals I have set for myself!









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