Tasty Tuesday: Mongolian Lettuce Wraps





This is one on my favorite recipes! Not just because it’s yummy, but Mason licks every drop from his tray! It’s a great family option, especially when you switch out the beef for chicken…yum!

Here’s the original recipe my husband shared with me on Facebook: Mongolian Beef Recipe

The ingredients call for flank steak, but a lot of times this meat is very marbled which contains a lot of fat. The more fat within the steak, the tougher it can be to chew. Although delicious, chicken is always a better option when thinking about a recipe for our toddler.

Also, the ingredients call for minced ginger. My husband ended up finding an item at the grocery store that had pre-minced ginger packaged in a squeeze bottle. You should be able to find this near the minced garlic at the store…that’s where we found it.

Everything about cooking this meal is pretty straight forward when following the instructions. Follow step by step and enjoy either beef or chicken.

Bon Appétit








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