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Stories of a Potty Trainee






I think Mason is on the verge of handling his business in the bathroom…HOORAY!! I’m talking potty training and it is going fairly smooth. I couldn’t be happier, especially since Mason is turning two in December. The goal is to have him completely trained by his birthday, but I’m in no rush…just letting him go at his own pace.

Our current routine includes waking up in the morning (with a full diaper) and going in the bathroom to sit on the potty while drinking his morning milk. He just sits there happy as a clam while I hope for some additional pee to makes its appearance. The key is to sit in the bathroom and entertain him…this includes: attaching stickers to his leg or the potty chart, giving him snacks, brushing his teeth, as well as singing random songs. Pee Pee in the Potty is the latest tune I repeat.

It’s so neat to witness Mason go through this process. We’ve had ourselves some pretty interesting and messy moments, but he has been doing so well. A few times during the summer we let Mason jump in the pool with his regular diaper on…it obviously gets too heavy so we just let him run free for a while. Well he not only ended up peeing in the pool, but also in the grass, on the pool deck and back porch. He had also decided to go number two on the back porch at one point. It’s at times like these you not only have to laugh, but also be quite impressed with your child’s lack of embarrassment. I think there’s even a certain level of pride in those moments, ha!

There are additional times he has peed on the carpet or in the bath tub, but all the while beginning to acknowledge he’s needing to go potty. Not sure what to do with him going number two though…that just comes out of no where and usually includes Mason wondering off into a corner somewhere. I assume for better concentration.

So here we are. It’s been a few weeks of just here and there routine…and lots of stickers. He loves his potty chart and has to make sure he can see it while sitting down. He’s got goals people. He needs to plan out his next sticker selection. Also, when Mason pees the toilet plays music. I mean how much fun positive reinforcement can you get! Stickers and music…don’t we all wish we got that after a job well done in the bathroom.






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