Get Crazy About Crazy 8

*This post contains affiliate links, which means that I may receive commission if you decide to purchase. I only recommend products & brands that I use and love myself, so I know you will love them too.







It is such a beautiful day outside in the Sunshine State! There’s a nice cool fall breeze in the air, but just warm enough for Mason to wear his tank top. We decided to play out on the back porch this morning and Mason chased around his shadow. He’s just too stinking cute!

I cannot believe he’s already wearing 2T clothing. I mean I should believe it since he’s turning two this December, but seriously can they just stop growing so fast. That’s why I’ve been loving Crazy 8! They offer clothing from 6 months old, up to size 14 kids. It’ll be nice to shop there while Mason grows and even once he begins school! *mom tear*

We’re gonna be stocking up on some outfits soon too! Crazy 8 is offering FREE SHIPPING for limited time and it’ll be nice to take advantage of this promotion while it lasts. Happy Shopping!



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