We Need More Trust in This Election


Tomorrow is the day. The day our vote counts and the day we gain a new president. This will be a very interesting election night and I’m nervous to see who wins, but I was also reminded of something at a previous church service that might put your fears more at ease too.

Yes. The two most unlikely candidates for president are battling it out for the position to run our country. I feel like people are more outraged than ever and are disagreeing with one another on a whole new level. I hate seeing people so upset with each other and not unifying together as one. It’s sad when politics come between us, humans, people of this nation, and more importantly children of God.

The outcome of this election is inevitable, but you need to remember that this is all in God’s hands. The service at our church focused on passages 1 Peter Chapter 2, Verses 11-25. God wants us to submit to every human authority. It could be your boss, your parents, as well as the government. Submitting is used in the sense of obedience and respect. God has blessed the people in positions of authority for a purpose and our job is to pray for those in authority. We need to trust God and realize that He is always in control.

I participated in early voting. No matter who wins, we need to show respect and pray for our president…even if you disagree with them. It’s crazy to see what people of opposing sides are saying about the other candidate. We need to remember that God wants your prayers and not your opinion.

As long as we trust God fully, then we can live freely. We are always determined to make a point or fight back against an argument, but rather than making a point we should be making a difference. Let’s come together tomorrow to honor whoever steps up to the position of authority and send up prayers.

Trust in God, he knows what he is doing.

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