Happy Halloween: Peter Pan and Tinker Bell







It got dark outside quicker than you could say trick-or-treat! Fall is definitely here and has brought the time change with it. Even though I didn’t get to take photos while it was still light out, we ended up having a fun filled evening nonetheless. Mason seemed to really like his costume and Brinlee enjoyed being passed around in her tutu. They were both so adorable and I am pleased with the way their costumes turned out!

I think I’m going to start a tradition and make our kiddo’s costumes every year. It was so much fun getting the pieces and putting it all together. I had Mason’s pants already, went to the craft store for some additional items, then ran out for some last minute purchases over the weekend. Both costumes ended up being cheaper together than buying something from the store. And I’m all about saving money while raising two kids.

So, when deciding what Mason and Brinlee would be this year for Halloween I was trying to think of something they could both go together as a pair. One of Mason’s favorite movies is ‘Hook’ and I knew right away he had to be Peter Pan…and Brinlee would obviously be a cute little Tinker Bell.

I searched through Pinterest for some helpful ideas too! Here is where I got instructions for the Peter Pan hat and Here I found additional inspiration. Like everything I find on Pinterest, I try to put my own spin on it as well.

Mason as Peter Pan:

  • I bought a kid’s x-small green shirt from the local craft store and cut zigzags on the bottom, as well as on the sleeves. Also made a slit in the collar.
  • Already had green pajama pants I turned inside out to hide the pattern on the other side.
  • My mom gave me an old brown belt of hers. I cut it to Mason’s size and created an extra hole to lock the buckle into place.
  • The hat: I sewed two pieces of green felt together by hand, then cut out a red feather and hot glued in place.
  • Bought his shoes from WalMart for $5.
  • I made Mason a sword from a paper towel roll and toilet paper roll, then tied it together with hemp string.

Brinlee as Tinker Bell:

  • Already had the Gerber green onesie and moccasins from Tiny Baby Soles.
  • The Tutu: Purchased the mesh lime green ribbon (same used for headband). Tied two different shades of green tulle into knots all around and created the tutu. Added in two different ribbon for texture.
  • The Headband and Bow: I cut off a piece from the mesh lime green ribbon to fit around Brinlee’s head and sewed it together by hand. Made a bow from the same ribbon in her tutu and hot glued onto a clip.

Can’t wait to see what they’re both into next year. Maybe Mark and I can match somehow too!

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