Brinlee is Two Months Old






Our baby girl has brought us so much joy in the passed two months and we could not imagine our family without her. She also has a special place in Mason’s heart and he has been an amazing big brother. Just yesterday Mason started walking over to Brinlee and kissing her forehead. I mean how adorable can you get!? My heart bursts with love for both of our kiddos.

The day Brinlee came into this world was incredible. Our little family of three grew by one more beating heart. She has transitioned from midnight feedings and fussy nights, to a baby that sleeps eight hours and lights up the room with her smile. And those eyes! I hope they stay blue, but whatever color they decide to be…they are always so bright.

We have definitely had our moments going through the overwhelming times of being a parent, but I’m all about seeing the humor in everything and enjoy sharing some funny moments along the way. Brinlee has definitely brought in more humor in our life…mainly pertaining to poopy diapers.

Today Brinlee had her two-month pediatric appointment. She weighs in at 11 pounds, 14 ounces, 23 inches long and was a champ when she received her first vaccine shot. She didn’t cry at all and even gave the nurse a sweet smile afterwards. Let’s hope each shot experience is that awesome, but I highly doubt it.


The first photo I could get of the both of them without Mason being blurry! Brinlee was one month.


Attempting to get a photo of both kiddos together means…someone needs to hold Mason while distracting him and calling his name a bunch of times until he looks up…then you snap!

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