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How to Soothe a Colicky Baby






Once Brinlee turned one month old she started becoming very fussy multiple times in the day. Going from a calm temperament to sporadic cries had both Mark and I baffled. That was until Brinlee’s last doctor’s appointment. Her pediatrician mentioned that it was typical for a baby to begin feeling colicky after turning a month old.

I had no issues with Mason so I assumed Brinlee would be the same, but of corse every pregnancy, every baby and everyone is different. Once we realized Brinlee had a gassier tummy we quickly changed a few things in our routine that have been working ever since.

  1. Bottle: We loved the Advent bottles when Mason was a baby, but once we switched to the Dr. Brown’s bottle Brinlee seemed so much happier. We noticed she was sucking in less air.
  2. Formula: We still use the pre-made Enfamil, but instead of the original they have a ‘Gentlease’ variation that has been so much better on Brinlee’s digestion.
  3. Burping: Brinlee likes to be patted on the back with or without a gas bubble, but allowing her to get out any excess air definitely helps.
  4. Movement: Sometimes I can tell when she’s having a hard time passing gas. I slowly move her legs in a bicycle motion and at times this helps release any lower gas bubbles.
  5. Tummy Time: A couple instances I would lay Brinlee on her belly across my legs. I think the contact on her stomach helped calm her down. She actually fell asleep a few times.
  6. Position: Bringing Brinlee’s legs up to her chest or into a frog position help soothe her belly at times. Even just sitting her up helps too.

Using all these changes and techniques has definitely helped! There are still times she takes a little longer to fall asleep at night, but as long as I continue easing any gas out then she’ll eventually get comfortable and fall asleep.

Hope this is helpful for all you mommas and dads out there!

Also, be sure to check out this helpful resource when comparing additional formulas: Baby Formula Reviews. The website compared over 90 different formulas and narrowed down the best ones based on nutritional content, organic availability, price point, and so much more. Definitely worth taking a look to see what options could benefit your baby as you transition to formula. Hooray!

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