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Today was crisp and sunny. Fall has finally arrived in Florida! It could not have been a more perfect day to spend time outside as a family…or just chase Mason around. There was even a cool breeze in the air. That’s when you can tell it’s fall…chasing a toddler around without breaking into a sweat.

We heard about a nearby farm hosting a fall festival and we jumped at the opportunity to look for a pumpkin. Unfortunately we left without a nice plump orange jack-o-lantern, but we’ll know better for next time when we have less things to caring back to the car. This was our first visit to the Southern Hill Farms, so we weren’t sure what to expect.

While driving down the long winding clay road we thought we might’ve gotten lost, but once we got closer we could see a beautiful landscape of rolling hills. When we arrived and parked, we noticed there was about a half mile walk to the main event. The farm was giving free hayrides up to the festival, but we decided to walk…with a toddler…and a stroller….in the dirt. We learned our lesson.

Once we got up to the party it was great! There were food vendors and a kids area on the right, then live music, a mini hay maze and pumpkin area to the left. There were so many families and Mason’s face lit up when he saw all the kiddos his age. He was such a happy boy and definitely made his rounds. We played in the mini maze for a while, checked out the pumpkins and even bumped into one of Mark’s co-workers. They have a son who just turned four months old!

Brinlee was just as cozy as can be the entire visit. She did not fuss once and enjoyed being held, fed and kissed. She even slept through the bumpiness of the stroller ride in the dirt. Mason was starting to get a little fussy towards the end, but it didn’t help that it was his nap time and he got hurt while climbing on one of the play sets. Lots of kisses were given and I held Mason’s hand as we made our walk back to the car.

We’re planning to include this Southern Hill Farms adventure to our annual tradition list. Next time…no stroller and we’ll hitch a ride on the tractor for sure! They also have a blueberry picking festival in the Spring we’re hoping to visit next year as well. And if you make a visit…be sure to get some of the blueberry lemonade! It was delicious!

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