Mom Life

Brinlee’s Baby Announcement







We had all good intentions to send out baby announcements for Brinlee, but between the dirty diapers and toddler running around it seemed to have fallen through the cracks. So in spite of my mommie brain and procrastination, I wanted to share the photos that were intended for Brinlee’s announcement. I even went on Tiny Prints and played around with a couple different designs. Loved the ‘hello baby’ layout…it matches the invitations we sent out for our baby shower!

We’re planning to make a Christmas card this year with updated photos of the four of us. This will be a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays gesture to our family and friends, but we’ll also include a sweet letter of 2016 updates with a focus on Brinlee’s birth. So, I guess she’ll eventually get a birth announcement. I’ll just keep blaming it on the mommie brain…I don’t think any mom truly recovers from it anyways. *wink

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