Brinlee’s First Football Game









Yesterday was Brinlee’s first adventure to a football game and she did great! She slept the majority of the time…even when fans were cheering loudly. It’s nice to know she’s able to sleep through anything. I remember Mason being the same way, which was awesome and put us at ease when we would plan outings.

We hung out at the house all morning before needing to leave around 1:30 or so. Loading up the car is always the most time consuming part of going somewhere. It’s nice when there are two of us to get the kids ready. While I was waking Mason up and getting him dressed, Mark was calming Brinlee down and loading her into the car seat. Then we were off!

Tailgating used to consist of adult beverages, relaxing under the shade and mingling with friends. Now with having two kids (mainly a toddler and new baby), one of us is chasing the toddler while the other is sitting in the A/C car feeding the baby. I felt a little anti-social, but as long as the kids are happy, then everyone is happy, ha! I was just focused on eating some yummy food and staying hydrated. I got to admit it was nice sitting in the air-conditioned car too. Fall is slowly approaching, but I wish the weather could be in the low 70s by now.

We all walked into the stadium around 6:45…right before kickoff. Not 15 minutes pass and in comes a downpour. Brinlee not only got rained on once, but twice. We ran under cover, all the while Brinlee remained sleeping in the baby wrap. Mason was enjoying the ambience as well.

Then 8:30 arrived and Mason was not happy. Poor thing was so tired, but beyond the temper tantrums and crying moments he was able to hold it together until the middle of the third quarter. Brinlee was starting to get antsy as well. That’s when we knew it was time to head out. We were on our last ounce of formula too.

All in all both kiddos did great. They had there moments, but we expected that. It was great to have our friends meet Brinlee, and Mason enjoyed watching the big kids play football, as well as running around the nearby field. We have another football game over Thanksgiving weekend and the kids are coming along. Next time we’ll be able to plan ahead to avoid the tantrums hopefully and pack more formula. I might even have me an adult beverage or two. Holla!







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